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Program Overview

The Afterschool Program in the San Benito School District has been serving the children of our schools for eighteen years. Since 1999, the Afterschool Program has been funded by federal, state, and local funds. At the same time, the state requirements have shifted from general enrichment activities to an academically focused program. College and career awareness has also become an important part of our program activities. The program is an effective way to provide a safe haven for our children in our community. The hours children spend in the program gives them an opportunity to further engage in academic, enrichment, social, and physical activities. Each campus has a site based committee that evaluates the schools’ needs and makes recommendations to select students and incorporate academic learning classes based on the need of the school.

CAPS (Committed to Advancing Parents and Students)

San Benito CISD After School Program was awarded the Cycle 9 Grant from the Texas Education Agency. The name of our grant is CAPS (Committed to Advancing Parents and Students).  The purpose of the program is to extend learning opportunities outside of the regular school day to improve educational outcomes in academic performance, attendance, positive behavior, grade promotion and graduation rates.  This grant will provide services for students from the following campuses:  Frank Roberts Elementary, Landrum Elementary, La Encantada Elementary, Berta Cabaza Middle School, Miller Jordan Middle School, Riverside Middle School and Veterans Memorial Academy (VMA).

Project Excel U
San Benito CISD After School Program was awarded the Cycle 8 Grant from the Texas Education Agency. The schools were awarded for the continuation of programming for three years with a possibility of a fourth year. The grant is designed to serve students in most need of academic support, adult advocacy, and enrichment opportunities. This grant will provide services fro students from the following campuses: Dr. Cash, Judge Oscar de la Fuente, Angela G. Leal, Dr. Raul Garza Jr., Positive Redirection Center, Amador R. Rodriguez, San Benito High School, Sullivan, and Ed Downs.

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Project Learning
This year the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees approved funding for three schools to continue programming. The program’s funding is from state and federal resources that require servicing students that are at academic risk. The program’s focus is to help students with their academics in the areas of math, science, and reading. This will include the following schools: Rangerville, La Paloma, and Fred Booth.


Mission Statement
“The SBCISD After School Program is an extension of the school day that enhances student’s success by improving attendance, behavior, social skills and academics.”

Vision Statement        

  “Through combined efforts of staff, community and families, our program will provide rigorous activities that harbor college and career ready students.”


Our After School Program Goals is to stimulate lifetime learners.
• To provide academic assistance to improve academic grades in relation to “STAAR”.
• To provide homework support to any child having problems with homework.
• To help develop the children socially and respect of others by promoting an open hand policy for our centers.
• To help improve the children’s awareness of peer pressure, fitness, nutrition and health.
• To provide assistance to any adult for literacy classes (GED/English classes).
• All program activities are based on the 21st Century Four Components of :
College and Career
Family Services